Hotel Infinity is an international artist-run initiative and nomadic collective founded by the artist, sculptor Minna Kangasmaa in 2015. The main objective of Hotel Infinity is cooperation with international artists and art operatives who are intensively and actively interested in forming an artistic collective. The purpose is to use the collective as a tool for promoting international artistic cooperation in the field of contemporary art. The idea of Hotel Infinity is to deconstruct the logic of a centre and periphery, and to replace it with the logic of a network. Hotel Infinity does not have just one centre or location. Instead it has a network that aims at passing geographical borders and acting as an international nomadic collective.

As in hotels in general, in Hotel Infinity people come and go, but during their visit they become a part of it and modify the content of it. Hotel infinity is an artistic expedition about the process of creating a collective: about the things and people who create it. Hotel Infinity leans on the writings of the sociologist Bruno Latour about communities, collectives, and operative networks as well as their forming and their characters. Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen, who has written about Latour in Finnish, says that Latour does not think about leaning on a structure given in advance or on a group of variables, because a collective is always case-based. The character of it cannot be predicted. What is given in advance is only that there are collectives: unions as well as networks of operatives and forces. Latour uses the concept “Parliament of Things”, which Hotel Infinity high-handed associates with the collective taking a form equally from all the factors that modify it.

Hotel Infinity links into the prevailing situation in contemporary society where new forms of social belonging are being searched. By raising different bonds, interfaces and networks through the artistic activity Hotel Infinity show how (human) betweenness has become an important part of art in 2010’s. The linchpin of the Hotel Infinity is the form of the artistic activity, where interaction between the people is of most essence, with different meetings, projects and cooperation having an important role. In this artistic process the Hotel Infinity can be almost anything. Simply put, Hotel Infinity consists of concepts, statements and documentation. But Hotel Infinity also appears as an exhibition, lecture and discussion, as well as an event and intervention in museums, galleries and public spaces.

Hotel Infinity operates with the principal of hospitality. Hotel Infinity collective serves as a networking and gathering tool both on a digital global level and analogue local basis. The goal is to open the substance of internationalization on a local level. Hotel Infinity searches for an answer to the questions what meaning do international connections have for an artist, and how do personal level micro networks benefit an individual and on the other the whole field of art or society? Hotel Infinity also examines the significance of virtual networks as the administrators of the art field.

The inspiration of Hotel Infinity is that in the ever more internationalizing art world of today it is significant for an artist not only to be physically present in the international metropolises but also to perceive being a part of a group that is committed to a global art field. Hotel Infinity strengthens the conditions for working in an international context from different locations and is thereby strongly local as well as global at the same time. Hotel infinity is like a residency in a virtual environment. It has the same functions as a physical residency: the opportunityto create contacts and the opportunity to share and interact. Residencies have also historically violated the division between local and global.

Nowadays it is easier to be a part of international artistic movement due to the development of traffic connections and communication, and thus it is growingly common that art presented on international arenas can be born on a local level. The direction is nevertheless towards big centres and metropolises. Metropolises attract artists, because moving in a metropolis brings richer opportunities than what living in a smaller centre can offer. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to move from one metropolis to another and it can no longer be considered ecologically profitable. From the viewpoint of forming individuality and an identity of a contemporary artist it is productive for the local and global to be balanced. Along with internationalizing it is equally important to be committed to the future of one’s own living environment. These are the challenges that Hotel Infinity aims at answering.



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