The maia zinc project room exhibits works of contemporary art – visual, conceptual and performance.
western culture is currently experiencing a phenomenal, spiritual and sociological shift. A multi-faceted synthesis in varying degrees – of faiths, adapted to, and influenced by, western materialistic culture where it sometimes reforms as a secular art object.
In a clear and bright atmosphere, we create space and reflection on new ideas, focusing on the aesthetics of silence; a spirit experienced through meditation. Unfolded and hidden crusted layers might appear to the surface.

The project room is located in a still authentic quarter – the “schöneberger kiez “(former american sector) in one of the typical berliner buildings, next to the once famous artists’ goltzstraße at nollendorfplatz.
a team of different generations and cultures are waiting to offer you displayed works by contemporary artists from Berlin and beyond.



In the former Großgörschen 35 Atelier building, the artist will have the opportunity to work in cooperation with our exhibition space in Berlin-Schöneberg mz project room maia zinc.

The maia zinc studioSpace is a self-organized initiative founded as a platform for international artists in residence. The genres move in contemporary art, in the form of painting, photography, video art and music. Our team is looking for international trendsetters with the aim of promoting intercultural and multidisciplinary dialogue in Berlin and around.

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Martina Zinkwe, Uli Goldenblatt, Matze Mundel, Dr. Claus Habiger, Udi Raz, Zohar Cohen