Start: September 5, 2022
12:00 am
End: February 6, 2023
12:00 am

Dear friends, the ESC is back and in a new format! Now the open call and its following exhibition will appear only once a year. As VVOVVA evolves with each day and does its best to create better experiences, this time the selected works will be shown as a virtual exhibition.

We ask you to ‘Create art as you would do 10 years in the future.’ With the fifth wave of the ESC we dive even deeper into our technology- and virtual-driven future. Thrilled and excited, we joined forces with the digital platform dedicated to promoting critical conversations in contemporary art — DE:FORMAL. Created by Wednesday Kim & Vincent Cy Chen, DE:FORMAL features emerging artists who work with video, performance, installation, sculpture, media art… or other underrecognized forms in the conventional gallery system.

Some of the questions we ask:
What if AI is already self-aware? Will an organism that we’ve created in a lab become our friend in the end? Do we treat AI right? Will humans be ever at par with machines? Can the synergy happen and how if it will? How much more distant nature should become to us until we realize that we can’t live without it? If the current over-capitalized world not teaching us any lessons about our future, what will?

The submission period starts on September 5 and ends on February 6. The selected artists will be notified by email and published in a digital exhibition on April 20.

We are humbly waiting for your thoughts and projects about our unavoidable future. To read the full introduction and see previous exhibitions click the link below!

Image: Wednesday Kim, 2022




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Art in the Age of Isolation

Elisabeth Kelvin

Art in the Age of Isolation

Light, shadows, sounds, silence, you embrace the warmth, the brightness, the woods and flowers of the natural environment and the dark, brooding…