Start: April 19, 2021
10:00 am
End: August 15, 2021
11:59 pm

The third ESC open call and its challenge for wave #2031 Spring-Summer is here!

Thinking of the contemporary immersed in the digitalization world, once again VVOVVA asks artists to ‘Create art as you would do in 10 years in the future’.

In particular, we aim to share works that explore the relations of nature and technology; and seek answers to questions that research the bond of the two.

For example: What is to come? Will technology help nature to survive? Can those two exist in harmony? Do we do enough to preserve natural resources?

This time the contemporary art gallery JOEY RAMONE  (located in Rotterdam, Netherlands) will shape the future of the ESC and select the most interesting works in collaboration with VVOVVA.

Founded in 2012 by Greek artist Kiki Petratou & Dutch collector Hans Bakker, JOEY RAMONE can also be described as a ‘half-artist run gallery’. Right from the start, the gallery worked with international artists who use a diverse range of media to explore contemporary socio-political, cultural, and technological themes. The main objective of JOEY RAMONE is to provide a platform for contemporary art and discourse — an open communication or debate.

ESC Wave #2031, SS is curated by JOEY RAMONE & VVOVVA.

The submission period starts on April 19 and ends on August 15. The selected artists will be notified by email and published in an online exhibition on the VVOVVA blog on September 6.

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