Start: January 17, 2020
5:00 pm
End: January 19, 2020
6:00 pm

Event Venue

Svartbäcksgatan 20, 753 32 Uppsala


Matilda Lövgren
Tracing Points of Contact
17–19 January 2020

Vernissage Friday 17 January
17–19.45 Galleri Leoparden
20–22.00 Omnikvariatet, with live music performance by Klangriket

Saturday 18 January–Sunday 19 January
12–18.00 Galleri Leoparden

Galleri Leoparden, Svartbäcksgatan 20, 753 32 Uppsala
Omnikvariatet, Dragarbrunnsgatan 53, 753 20 Uppsala



Tracing Points of Contact is the first opportunity that Flat Octopus has had to create an exhibition in Uppsala, since we started in the spring of 2019. While our previous endeavours have traversed the somewhat experimental dimension through showing art in apartments, this exhibition is a step into the more traditional world of showing art in an art gallery. This does not, however, mean that we are not covering new grounds in other ways. Uppsala is a city with its own internal networks and this often proves to be a challenge in itself. While working with this exhibition, I realised how little I knew of the creative work being done in the city today. Having lived in Uppsala for three years and being deeply involved with the art world in general, one would think that I should have a good knowledge of the artists and exhibition spaces around me. I slowly realised that it was not only me longing for connections within my local art scene. Other artists whom I have met over the years have consistently raised the issue of Uppsala having a scattered art scene, which lacks collaborative forums where diverse groups of creative people and artists could connect. This is also something Flat Octopus values and strives for in its projects.

This exhibition thus serves a number of functions. It introduces the work of an emerging artist, opens up two existing venues in Uppsala to new audiences and promotes experimental and collaborative activity in the local art community. By working with Leoparden, a cultural centre for youths, and Omnikvariatet, a venue for all kinds of creative expressions, we strive to show new ways of how the art world in Uppsala and beyond might operate.

Tracing Points of Contact

In this exhibition by Matilda Lövgren, the audience is invited to take part in a transgressional journey between sculpture and printmaking. The artwork Traces of Points of Contact served as an inspiration for the title of the exhibition, in which the physical traces of materiality and tracing as a drawing method are present in both direct and symbolic ways.

The artist’s practice seamlessly blends sculptural elements and installation with the iconic flatness and illustrative qualities of graphic printmaking. Her preoccupation with the material is visible through a sense of preservation, always conserving the original form of the material in some way. Her printed works mimic the shapes and textures of wood, folded fabric and strips of paper, and at the same time place them in a new context where the original objects are absent.

While her prints make use of the three-dimensional qualities of objects, there is a decisive graphic trait to the textures she invokes in her sculptural work. This is most notable in the piece Mesh and Rope, where white string lines interlace with chicken wire to create a flat drawing within a three-dimensional structure, tracing a seemingly natural path through the wire web. Like with her almost abstract graphic work, the viewer might feel as if the artist is merely emphasising something which had already been resting inside of the material.

With an aspiration to explore sculpture, materiality and space, the artist’s background in printmaking serves as a stimulating counter-view, propelling an understanding of subtle spatial relations and sparking new questions on how to make use of the material at hand. Despite their subdued colours and soft imagery, the pieces dominate the room and occupy the space with their transdimensional qualities. Through subtle intervention, the artist lets the various materials meet on their own terms, leaving traces on each other to create new visions of materiality and form.

Curated by Paulina Granat



Matilda Lövgren (b. 1994) is a Swedish artist currently residing in Amsterdam. Her artistic practice revolves around exploring the qualities and characteristics of materiality, sculpture and space. Currently a student at Gerrit Rietveld Academie of Art and Design in Amsterdam, she previously studied printmaking and fine art at Stockholm College of Printmaking Arts and Idun Lovén Art School, Sweden. She has previously exhibited at Stockholm Fringe Festival (2018 and 2019) and at Råmaterial, with the exhibition ‘Och med ens är det något som skiftar i luften’ in 2019.


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