Start: August 31, 2019
12:00 am
End: September 15, 2019
12:00 am

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CrossingBorders exhibition – Ghent – Belgium – Open Call for members of the Global Art Project (GAP)

Ron Weijers and Carl Heyward, both professional artist and curators who both have a long term collaborative background within the Global Art Project (GAP) community, see geographical boundary lines as unnecessary and obsolete, especially when considering the rich and diverse cultural makeup this world shares. With this in mind, they invite artists connected to the Global Art Project community from all over the world to reflect on the concept and to show their work at the Sint Amanduskapel, Campo-Santo in Ghent, Belgium, in an exhibition titled ”CrossingBorders”.


The exhibition will take place at Sint-Amanduskapel – Campo-Santo – Visitatiestraat 2 – 9040 – Sint-Amandsberg – Ghent – Belgium. The CrossingBorders exhibition will be on display from August 31 till September 15 2019.

CrossingBorders is a conceptual collaborative group exhibition project for art professionals affiliated with Global Art Project GAP worldwide aiming on transferring the projects concept to the public and extending the participants professional international networks and art market. The CrossingBorders exhibition aims to bring together Global Art Project affiliated artists from all over the world, who ar

e highly motivated to collaborate with each other across national borders with the ambition to enter each other’s markets artistically. The curators of the CrossingBorders exhibition, stimulate and expect a conceptual reflection on distances or barriers, included in the perceptual context of a border, a blocking in thinking, acceptance and/or understanding by means of political issues, globalisation, (im)migration, climate change, gender, race, culture, religious racism, terrorism, genocide, war, misogynist behavior, feelings of fear or superiority etc etc… In other words, the GAP artists will reflect upon their own conceptions about what constitutes a border or boundary and what it means to cross it.

Furthermore, the CrossingBorders concept also strongly intends to reflect on the role of migration as embodied in works of art. Centring on the physical and conceptual manifestations of the effects of migration and migrants on art. This issue also invites a focus on diasporas of practitioners and their reception by new audiences or consumers. The current ‘refugee crisis’ represents, above all, an international political crisis as lack of coordinated action that for instance has stretched the European Union relations almost to breaking point. In many countries populist right wing parties have been given a new lease of life with increasing numbers of people turning their backs on an open and liberal society. CrossingBorders stimulates reflection on the role of migration as embodied in works of art, material culture and their conservation.

Exhibitor Eligibility
To be eligible for participation within the CrossingBorders exhibition, artists will need to be affiliated or a member of the Global Art Project. GAP Is a membership based international collaborative of more than 50 mixed-media artists. Global Art Project has generated numerous workshops, exhibitions and collaborative studio experiences in Venice, Lecce and Treviso Italy, Mazatlan, Mexico, San Francisco, Mill Valley, Benicia, Sausalito and Novato California. Their work reflects individual, personal and global concerns by virtue of intention. They are creating and exhibiting work that allows freedom of expression given this unique format to communicate beyond language and culture with diverse artists from all over the world while remaining open to the opportunities of the moment accessed through this circumstance in settings allowing interaction not only with each other but local arts communities as well. GAP is linked by activity in mixed-media art practice, which may be reduced to working with the materials at hand and has antecedents in collage, assemblage, found-object and related practice. Their affinity with Fluxus, Cobra, and the Dada Art Movement is a recognition of the importance of being attuned to the collaborative future.

GAP members can respond to this GAP open call by confirming their participation at

In case you are not (yet) affiliated to the Global Art Project (GAP) but feel like participating within this international exhibition project, please contact GAP – Carl Heyward at email:

Crossing Borders is an initiative and organized by 10dence gallery, Gravenstraat 33, 3311 BC, Dordrecht, the Netherlands and is presented in partnership with Global Art Project – GAP.

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