Our Vision

Welcome to the Artist Run Alliance, an international platform for artist run initiatives – a term typically including artist co-operatives, independent galleries and art spaces.

The Artist Run Alliance (ARA) came about through a need for artist run initiatives in many parts of the world to connect and interact through a global network, in the process building relationships based on a shared vision.

Organized by the Alfred Institute for Art and Culture, the idea for the Artist Run Alliance has grown out of our work as an independent, non-profit art space. The supportive community necessary to coordinate the activities of an artist run initiative will be extended through a broader context, in effect cultivating a collaborative ecosystem of creative professionals.

The Artist Run Alliance is a forward-thinking project and a supportive, pro-active community is central to everything we do. Our purpose is to help satisfy specific needs particular to collective groups of artists and curators and is infused with a do-it-yourself ethos, fostered by a community working outside of the established art economy and committed to putting creative ideas into action.

Our platform will map artist run initiatives in far-flung places around the globe, enable mentorship and knowledge sharing and provide models and funding solutions for new art initiatives.

Working within our respective locales and cities many artist run initiatives receive little visibility and are, for the most part, unaware of each other. Each works within their own culture and particular set of circumstances, offering different approaches, aesthetics and ideologies towards art-making and exhibition-making practices.

The Artist Run Alliance is an ongoing, developing project whose primary focus is to cater to the international art community, but also intent on engaging the general public. As artists we are passionate about what we do and want to involve people in the many-sided and culturally diverse aspects of contemporary art.

Our platform will include up-to-date information of activities, events and happenings from our members, with the aim of connecting artists on a local level with the public at large.