– The Artist-Run Alliance (A.R.A) is an OPEN TO ALL non-profit NGO Knowledge Sharing project designed to enable a free flow of ideas and cooperations between all Artist-Run enthusiasts on an equal opportunity basis

– ALL Artist-Run practitioners, without discrimination of any kind, are welcome to take part in every aspect of the alliance operations, online & offline.

– The A.R.A platform is Built on the principles of sharing, mutual caring, taking responsibility, equality, transparency and Activism.

– The A.R.A is currently financed by the private donations of art lovers, and will apply in the future for international culture grants. Also, the A.R.A will strive to give additional paid services such as Knowledge center forums, Mentoring, Workshops etc. for a low membership fee in order not to be fully reliant on grants and donors.

– The A.R.A is initiated by Alfred Institute for Art & Culture which is a non profit NGO Artist-run space located in Tel-Aviv israel. Even though Alfred Institute for Art & Culture does receive grants from the Israeli Ministry of Culture, there is no financial connection between the Institute and the A.R.A Project, which functions as a separate entity in all aspects.