Start: May 23, 2021
12:00 am
End: June 27, 2021
11:59 pm

The School of Commons is calling for contributions for an experimental print publication sharing experiences of burnout.

The publication is part of the research lab Band of Burnouts, which undertakes a transdisciplinary study of the burnout phenomenon and the experiences of those affected by it.


The following types of new, ongoing, or previously published works are welcome.
Contributions can be:

    Including personal essays, auto-theory, short or long anecdotes, fragmented writing, poetry, prose, interviews, transcribed conversations, diary or documentary style, reflective stories, or embodied writing – to name but a few. We are open to all!
    Including drawings, self-made memes, illustrations, comics and graphic novels, typographical interventions, etc., or
    As an experimental print publication we welcome the creative integration of audio works. These could be songs, spoken word pieces, soundscapes, recorded conversations and interviews, collages of found material, etc.


We encourage work that is transdisciplinary, genre-defying, and intersectional.

Modes of Contribution

We welcome two modes of contribution of any of the aforementioned forms:

  1. Submissions of work.
    You may submit up to three works. Past publication experience not required.*Deadline: 27th June 2021*If you are interested in submitting a piece of finished work for the deadline and would like support in realising your idea, please get in touch.
  2. Collaborative exchange.
    For those who are keen to share their experience and/or create a contribution out of it, we offer the option to collaborate. This can be either by;
  • ■ Being paired with a fellow writer/artist/researcher who would also like to collaborate to create something together.
  • ■ Working with one of the lab’s writers and researchers (all of whom have experience burnout) to help tell your story and share your experiences, or
  • ■ Expressing interest in being part of the design process of the print publication.


Deadline: 30th May
(this date is to let us know if you would like to take part in any of these collaborative exchanges.)


How To Apply

Please send submissions and expressions of interest in collaboration to: [email protected]


For Full Information on the Call

Check out:

About the Band of Burnouts research lab:

Band of Burnouts undertakes a transdisciplinary study of the burnout in a multi-perspective, multi-voiced exploration of experiences. We are interested in accounting for the unaccounted details, considering the burnout as a collective rather than individual experience, and taking seriously the body as a producer of knowledge. The mind and body sing in a chorus, sing in bodies with other bodies, acknowledging the plurality of body. There are no one-man-bands.

‘Band’ is both a noun and a verb. As a noun it can mean a group of people who share a common interest of feature, something that serves to join or hold things together, or a force that unites and ties. As a transitive verb it means to gather together, to bind, and intransitively is means to unite for a common purpose, to form a group to achieve a mutual objective.

For any questions, get in touch with [email protected]


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