November 30, -0001
12:00 am

Event Venue

Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin

Fossil Addiction – Artists and experts examine our addiction-led unwillingness to recognize our dependence on fossil fuels.

Tom Albrecht, Jörn Birkholz, Stephan Groß, Marina Camargo, Björn Fischer/Elisabeth-Marie Leistikow/Richard Millig/Maren Schwier, Sabine Janz, Maria Korporal, Merav Leibkuechler, Steph Marx, Christoph Medicus, Jasmin Odendahl, Katja Struif.

Events (exhibition from 5 pm)

10.1., 7pm: Vernissage; with Performance „Mud Fight“ by Sabine Janz

24.1., 7pm: Artist Talk

31.1., 19 Uhr: Workshop Talk with Prof. Dr. med. Tom Bschor, chief physician of the Schlossparkklinik und Prof. Dr. Hermann E. Ott, ClientEarth

7.2., 19 Uhr: Tom Albrecht: Second workshop: How can artists reduce their ecological footprint?

6.3., 19 Uhr Finissage; with Performance: “Paradise now: The last one turns off the light”

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