Start: March 30, 2018
4:00 pm
End: April 8, 2018
7:00 pm

Event Venue

Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin

30.03 – 08.04.2018

Opening Friday 30.03.2018, 16h to 22h

Open following Friday 18h – 22h, Saturdays & Sundays 14h – 19h and by appointment

Aneh Ondare – Paula Saraste – Nat Tafelmacher-Magnat

In a mixed-media exhibition, three spirits wander the world, the space between two breaths and lost memories.

One spirit takes a panicked breath, thinking it will be her last.

A second spirit expands in the gap that opens between two breaths, observing her own small death.

A mounting crisis in the first spirit, a denial, as she fears the next breath will never come.

In limbo, the second spirit goes here and there and abroad to haunt places, searching for home, the secret desire that animates her.

A third spirit has flown and is meandering, looking for something she can recognise, lost in places in the uncanny exotic abroad.

Behind a mirror there the second spirit looks out, in front of it the third spirit senses a presence, a mood maybe something to capture – and reaching out, it slips between her fingers.


The second spirit leaves full of hope that the next haunt will be her home.

The third spirit stays behind, a tourist dislocated, disconnected, lost in translation.

The first spirit sees the next breath nearing with relief.

The second spirit flying back.

They will not die after all. They will live.

It was a haunting. The lost memories of ancestors and exotic spirits try to make contact.

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