Start: March 30, 2020
12:00 am
End: May 4, 2020
12:00 am

An open call for submissions to the 6th issue of Soanyway edited by Derek Horton and Gertrude Gibbons.


“Be like water making its way through cracks. Be formless, shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup; you put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”  (Bruce Lee)

Submissions are welcomed from varied disciplines, in any medium, format, and language, provided they conform to the directions listed below.


  1. Submit via email directly to [email protected] by 4 May 2020.
  2. Use WeTransfer for large files.
  3. Use ‘Issue 6 Submission, [your name, work title]’ as the subject heading of your email. If you have a question, include ‘QUERY’ in the subject.
  4. Include a brief description of the submission (no more than 100 words), and how it might relate to this theme.
  5. Adhere to the following limits:
  • 2000 words for text
  • 120 lines poetry
  • 5 images (unless part of a series with minimal text)
  • Audio-visual submissions (including music and film) are recommended up to 4 minutes, but may be accepted up to 10 minutes.
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