Start: November 1, 2019
12:00 am
End: November 30, 2019
11:59 pm

Event Venue

Simtat Shlush 5, Tel Aviv

Alfred gallery is happy to announce a year of exhibitions examining the concept exhibition space and expanding its initial definition. At the dawn of the third decade of the 21st century, we seek to challenge the traditional conception of exhibitions and exhibition spaces, and to re-examine their role in the artistic field.  Upon reaching 15 years of activity, the Alfred cooperative members seek to open a practical discussion around these issues and try to redefine our mission as a collaborative gallery and as an art and cultural institute.

This is an open invitation for project proposals that focus on collaborations and consist of multi-medium works in various fields of arts: visual art, music, poetry, dance, theater and film, and that may integrate with other fields of knowledge: science, technology, humanities, activism and more. We are looking for projects that seek to explore the potential of events and occurrences in the exhibition space as part of the creative process they propose.

We would be happy to receive proposals based on transitions between mediums and disciplines, and on exploring the relations between those areas as a form to produce synergy. Proposals may consist of a collaborative work produced as a team, or a creative interplay between artists as part of the creative process. We are not interested in projects that only offer a juxtaposition of two or more independent bodies of work.

Proposals may include a deviation of the traditional format of an exhibition, and may make use of the gallery space as a research lab, studio, workshop or any other form of action space for a period ranging from one week to one month. In these cases, the proposal must include a reference to how the audience will integrate in the project.

Proposals must be submitted in one PDF file, and should be submitted to [email protected] no later than 30.11.2019

The first exhibition will be held in March.


The proposal should include:

– A project description including a visualization of the project as it is intended for the gallery space

– The duration of the project (including preparation time in the gallery space)

– Reference to how gallery space will be used (priority will be given to projects that are specifically suited to the gallery space)

– Reference to how the audience integrates in the proposed project

– Necessary resources (budget is very limited. We would like to understand how you intend to realize the project)


Visit our official open call page and scroll down for measurements and a 3D model of the gallery space


Featured image:
Maya Aroch and Gal Melnick from the exhibition “Changing Room”.
Performance by Uri Brauner Kinrot, Maya Dunietz, Adam Scheflan and Ram Gabay, 2019

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