Start: July 11, 2019
12:00 am
End: July 13, 2019
11:00 pm

Event Venue

Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin, Germany

exhibition, performances, screenings
11-13 July 2019, >top space, Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin
curated by Seeta Muller and Penka Mincheva

From the pre-historic times, the artifacts are known either as a movement, like rock fresco of
a hunting man, or as a three-dimensional object such as a sculpture or a built construction.
Like the pyramids, constructed stone by stone, completing a whole assembly, the
media which depict movement – as the film and video – appear to be constructed slide by
slide, creating a motion.

Speaking about Architecture of Mind through the methods of video art, we can consider
several aspects in building an image such as a story or a message, discovering the architectural
methods of thinking and developing an idea, emotion or an impression.

Building up an image of an image, creating an imaginary reality, constructing elements of
entire thought, inverting existed perspective, replacing the inner with the outer, constructing
dreamed goals, manipulating a software engineering and speaking about a human-built system
are regarded as subjects referreing to a number of layers of a developing process of creation.

This particular collection of views presents the direct and the indirect touch with the
architectural object or processes. The artworks are individual perspectives, interactive
approaches, decompositions and re-installations and a document of a performing process.
Dated from different years of art development and presenting different cultural attitudes,
this video selection shows the variety of constructions – as an image and as an object.
The viewer is invited to discover the architectural mind of the artist and to create their own
construction. The selection puts a fundament for discussion about the process of building, what building
contains, how we interact with building objects or what we are built out of.


July 11 (Thursday)
Exhibition opening.
After the opening the exhibition can be seen Friday and Saturday from 12:00 to 19:00

Aline Helmcke (Germany) – “Brace brace” (2019)
Camilla Johansson Bäcklund (Sweden) – “Becoming” [00:56:33] – video performance (2016)
Iraida Cano (Guatemala/Spain) – “The boats” – digital prints of drawings 2xA3 (2005)
Johan Govaerts (Belgium) – “Rollercoaster” [loop] – film installation on 3 monitors (2017)
Marta Włusek (Poland) – “MMXIX” [00:02:05] – digital video loop, 12 Pantone colours of
2019 Spring/Summer, no sound (2019)
Martin Lytke (Germany) – “Sketches of the Future 1&2” – 2xA4 paintings (2019)
Matthias Roth (Germany) – “One new beginning” – photo installation, variable size (2015)
Nicola Dinoia (Italy) – “Study for a painting” – A4 drawing/painting (2019)
Wolf von Waldow (Germany) – “Neue Heimat” – installation (2019)

19:30 Patries Wichers (Belgium) – “Nesting” – performance composed by a film projection, an
action plus installation that will come to existence during the performance. This installation
will take further shape during the next two days.

20:00 Video screening by Seeta Muller (Total length about 10 minutes)
Aline Helmcke (Germany) ”Transit” [00:04:25] – cut out animation, no sound (2016)
Martin Lytke (Germany) “The Museum sketches of Future” [00:01:03] – video (2019)
Peter Barnard (United Kingdom) “Surface Diffusion” [00:01:11] – HD video (2019)
Seeta Muller (New Zealand) “Re-collect” [00:03:58] – video, no sound (2019)
20:30 Sound performance by:
Peter Barnard (United Kingdom) – “Double time” [00:02:00] – sound performance

July 12 (Friday)
19:00 Patries Wichers (Belgium) – “Nesting” – performance composed by a film projection, my
action plus installation that will come to existence during the performance. This installation
will take further shape during the next two days
19:30 Iyallola Tillieu (Belgium) “Labyrinth of Needs” [00:28:13] – video performance (2015)

July 13 (Saturday)
19:00 Artist talk and Soup
19:30 Video screenings by Penka Mincheva (Total length about 35 minutes)
Alain Brunet (France) “Lute Des Classes” [infinitely] – computer-animated video (90-ties)
Ben Coiacetto (Australia) “Motions” [00:03:22] – computer-animated video (2017)
Chicka Matsuda (Japan) “The Macaroni Factory” [00:06:36] – video (2009)
Emil Mirazchiev (Bulgaria) “Wag the dog” [00:01:08] – interactive video installation (2000)
Hilario Ortega (Mexico) “The Factory, the Stone, the Tools, the Work” [00:04:22] – video
performance (2013)
Iraida Cano (Guatemala/Spain) “The Boats” [00:07:06] – video performance (2005)
Ivan Stratiev (Bulgaria) “Portable cell for Hermits” [00:01:08] – video performance (2000)
Kim Dotty Hachmann (Germany) “Walk around” [00:01:46] – video (2017)
Matthias Roth (Germany) “Rojo Mallorquin” [00:04:58] – HD video (2015)
Viktor Petkov (Bulgaria) “A brick” [00:03:33] – video (2006)


Penka Mincheva was born in 1979 in Bulgaria.
In 2004 she has received MA in Ceramics from
The National Art Academy in Sofia. Since
the year she is a co-organizer of Process – Space Art
Festival and since 2007 is co-curator of Art
Symposium Lomea, both held in Bulgaria. Her
artistic practice includes a number of group
exhibitions, a dozen of solo shows in Bulgaria
and abroad. Penka has been artist in residence
at Cité Internationale des Arts – Paris (2005),
Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus Schwandorf (2009),
BMUKK Wien (2011) and her works are in the
collection of CAM Museum Italy.
Her interests in art are discovering new media
and ways of expression, interacting with
Nature, developing common subjects from
daily life through the prism of art.
She has lived in Sofia and Stockholm, and
currently is active in Berlin and Bulgaria.

Seeta Muller is from Auckland New Zealand, she graduated in Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts
University of Auckland. Seeta’s art practise is concerned with the aberration in the physical
environment that we find in our physical space. This is developed into artworks, from drawing to
painting, and later printmaking where the acid formed the imperfection, and non-spaces. Her practice
has seen further development through coursework at the Melbourne University, in cinema theory.
Seeta’s works embrace film essay techniques, and this has lead to the production of a series of short
films that have featured in a number of festivals. Seeta has spent the past decade in London, where
she undertook an MA at Camberwell College. This coincided with an internship at the non-profit
London based art organisation, focusing on Super 8 film, and processing the use of
Rostrum Camera in animation, and the production of her own short film ‘Red Shoes’. After completing
her MA Seeta curated artist film nights in Notting Hill London, and at the APT Gallery Deptford, this
occurred over a 5 year period and developed into a co-curating role with artists in Brussels and
In 2017 Seeta relocated to France, where she is developing a film and drawing Lab, a space that will be
a platform for artists to exhibit their work, with a collaborative alliance of artists and filmmakers from
Europe and Oceania.
In 2018 Seeta is co-curating a film project for Teststrip – collaborating with artists and curators That
are based Berlin, London, Brussels and 2020 a teststrip event in Paris. Seeta has made numerous
short films that have been exhibited in festivals Clermont-Ferrand short festival, Bideodromo festival,
Spain, Portobello Film festival, London Exploding cinema London, APT- gallery London, Deptford
cinema London, Bees on the Run Productions Bussey arts Building, London Zsenne /Art Laboratory
Brussels and Museum Leipzig. As well as exhibiting prints and drawings in United Kingdom, France,
Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Cyprus, South Korea, Canada and the United States. With
private and archive collections in Australia and New Zealand.

TestStrip is a platform for emerging and
established artists to show film ‘in
progress’. Hence the name TestStrip, like that
of the photographic process of a strip of film
you test before you print the final copy.
TestStrip, like all forms of art, has a fluidity that
allows us to connect with artists not only
working in film. but also in performance and
TestStrip’s first event took place under the
Westway in London in 2011, and we have since
then arranged a number of events in London
as well as aboard with past events in Belgium
and in Germany.

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