Start: April 28, 2020
12:00 am
End: May 13, 2020
11:59 pm

500 EUR Prize + In-Depth Feature in ARTCONNECT Magazine | Do you have a project that got disrupted by the coronavirus shutdown? This is an open call for artworks and projects too good to be left unseen. Cash prize and feature for the winner and a chance for a new audience and recognition for your art.

You can find all the details on ARTCONNECT as well as below:

How does it work?

Select up to three images of works on paper that were going to be included in an exhibition or presentation that was cancelled or postponed, or simply derailed because of the shutdown around the world. Use your ARTCONNECT Profile to publish up to 3 images of your work as a ‘Project’. Give your work a second life and immediately get it noticed on ARTCONNECT.

IMPORTANT: Works accepted for consideration for this open call must be 2D works on paper or canvas such as painting, illustration, drawing, or collage.


  • An up to date ARTCONNECT Profile
  • Published a new Project on ARTCONNECT containing up to three images of your 2D artwork on paper or canvas
  • Include a description of what it was intended for and why it was cancelled or postponed.
  • You can Title your Project whatever you like, but please use the tag #Unseen when you create your project on ARTCONNECT
  • Important: Artworks must have been scheduled for an upcoming exhibition, event, or presentation that was cancelled/postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic


1 x 500 euro prize for the winning project and an in-depth feature in ARTCONNECT Magazine
9 x honorable mentions with links to your projects and social media shoutouts


Make sure you have an ARTCONNECT Profile

Publish your 3 images of your work as a project. Here is how:

1) Sign in to your ARTCONNECT Account. If you don’t have an account already you can create one.
2) When you are logged in, click ‘Publish’ in the right corner of the navigation bar, then choose Project.
3) Upload your submission. Remember to tag your submission with #Unseen.

Have links to both your profile and your project ready.

Then, simply fill out a very short form on ARTCONNECT

DEADLINE: May 13, 2020 – 23:59, CET (Berlin Time)

That’s it, you’ve entered the open call! Winners will be announced on May 19 and until then your published project will already be reaching a whole new audience on ARTCONNECT.


ArtConnect has partnered with the artists behind the RaumWWW ( – a fragmentary archive of projects impacted by the coronavirus – for this Open Call.

A word from the artists behind RaumWWW

Many posts are starting with the words “Due to” lately, as numerous exhibitions and events are being cancelled due to the spread of Coronavirus.

And because it’s a pity if projects are postponed and efforts left unfulfilled, Raum www hosts a fragmentary archive by showing a selection of works that can’t be shown in real life, a growing collection of “what-could-have-happened” or “sadly-postponed” shows

Raum www is a nonprofit project started by Daniel Hahn ( & Johannes Mundinger (, artists with closed and postponed exhibitions.
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Artwork in top image by Kevin Driscoll (

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