Start: August 16, 2018
12:00 am
End: August 16, 2018
12:00 am

Event Venue

Tjärhovsgatan 19, Stockholm

27.07. bis 19.08.2018 | 4 weeks – 4 openings
where: ID:I Galleri, Tjärhovsgatan 19, Stockholm (SE)
opening hours: FR 5 – 8pm | SA 12am – 4pm | SO 12am – 4pm – and by appointment ([email protected])

Conversation: Thursday, August 16, 2018, doors open at 6pm, conversation starting 7pm, with:
Gunilla Sköld Feiler, Artist and Director of Tegen 2 (together with Dror Feiler) |
Andreas Ribbung, Founder of Supermarket – Stockholm Independet Art Fair and artist-run space Candyland
Susanna Slöör, Artist, Founder of the art critic web-site-magazine OmKonst (together with Leif Mattson), where artists write about art and Member of the Art Academy
Liv Strand, Artist and member of NKF (Nordisk Konstförening)
Per Hasselberg, Founder of Konsthall C and Executive at People’s Movements for Art Promotion
Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Performance Artist
Sibylle Feucht, Artist and Founder of DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+, Bonn (GER)
– Members of the ID:I Galleri Artist CollectiveModerated by:
Jon Brunberg, Artist and Founder of former Artist group SOC and chairman of KRO Stockholms



This is the second part of the innovative exchange- and exhibition project between ID:I Galleri – a non-commercial art space in Stockholm (SE), run by artists and DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+ in Bonn (GER) a non-profit art space run by Swiss artist Sibylle Feucht.

During the 1st part – ID:I Galleri Stockholm goes ESSZIMMER – artist-curators Alexander Mood and Annelie Wallin from ID:I Galleri took over DAS ESSZIMMER during 4 weeks, showing 10 artists and artist collectives in a group show and 3 VideoScreening Events, presenting works by 9 artists.

In this 2ed part of the project Das Esszimmer – space for art+ from Bonn (GER) takes over the art space of ID:I Galleri in Stockholm during 4 weeks bringing 12 international artists – affiliated to Das Esszimmer – in 4 exhibitions to Stockholm.


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DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+

DAS ESSZIMMER (engl.: the dining room) was founded in 2011 as a non-profit, artist run art space. In favour of a broad array of artistic positions the…