Start: June 6, 2020
7:00 pm
End: July 5, 2020
5:00 pm

Event Venue

Galerie Rene Marie

This exhibition, curated by Carl Heyward and Ron Weijers begs the question: “What borders are you willing to cross?” An exhibition featuring works by Global Art Project artists, who have encountered this question many times in their work and their lives.

CrossingBorders is a conceptual collaborative group exhibition project for art professionals affiliated with Global Art Project (GAP). The aim is on transferring the projects concept to the public and extending the participants professional international networks and art market. The CrossingBorders exhibition aims to bring together Global Art Project affiliated artists from all over the worldwho are highly motivated to collaborate with each other across national borders with the ambition to enter each other’s markets artisticallyThe CrossingBorders exhibition has been curated by the American artist and founder of Global Art Project, Carl Heyward and the Dutch artist and curator Ron Weijers. The curators of the CrossingBorders exhibitionstimulate and expect a conceptual reflection on distances or barriersincluded in the perceptual context of a border, a blocking in thinking, acceptance and/or understanding by means of political issues, globalization, immigrationclimate changegender, race, culture, religious racismterrorism, genocide, war, misogynist behaviorfeelings of fear or superiority etc.etc In other words, the GAP artists reflect upon their own conceptions about what constitutes a border or boundary and what it means to cross it.

The inaugural exhibition took place in Ghent, Belgium in July of 2019.

GAP affiliated artists included (in alphabetical order): Nadi Adatepe – Noorwegen/NorwayLynn Arnold – VS/USABrianAuerbach – VS/USAFrancis Beaty – VS/USAPat Calabro – VS/USALinda Coppens – België/BelgiumMar Daines – Frankrijk/FranceMikel Frank – VS/USAAna GabiñoMexicoCarl Heyward – VS/USAJennifer Homer-Hynes – VS/USAChristopher Padgett Hunnicutt – VS/USAWilliam Jaggers – VS/USADavid Jenowe – VS/USAMacha Mélanie – Frankrijk/USANaomi Middelmann – Zwitserland/SwitselandEmmanuel Montoya – VS/USA,    Susumu Ohira – Japan/JapanJudith Pauly-Bender – Duitsland/GermanyCompagnie Puls’Art – Frankrijk/FranceGlen Rogers – Mexico/MexicoIsabel Ruiz Perdiguero – Spanje/SpainAkiko Suzuki-Heyward – Japan/VS– Japan/USAPatrick Tagoe-Turkson – Ghana/GhanaChristine Verhaert – België/BelgiumFrans van Viegen – Nederland/the NetherlandsRon Weijers – Nederland/the NetherlandsSyporca Whandal – Hongarije/HongaryMadeleineWories – VS/USA and Dimitri Xato – Spanje/Spain

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1) Promoting the Creative Intelligence of the Global Arts Community Toward the Necessarily Collaborative Future : 2) If two people are working in harmony on a project then a third mind will spontaneously be generated in which the participants are able to draw from the knowledge and inspiration of each other through the third mind. ​ -Carl Heyward
  GAP Is a membership based international collaborative of Mixed-media Artists whose active participants number 53 members working in 12 countries, depending…