Start: January 15, 2022
12:00 am
End: February 28, 2022
11:59 pm

Event Venue

Tartu, Estonia

☀️ De Structura is delighted to open the call for participants in our two-year, cross-border collaborative project which – through research, discourse and creative work – will unearth and challenge the dominant paradigms and structures of European art worlds.


🟣 Who can apply and how?

We are looking for young (ages 21-30) artists, art professionals, designers and culture workers operating within the fields of visual and performing arts, who have at least some existing experience in arts/culture and a passion for improving Europe’s art sector. You are welcome to apply now and until 28.02 by following the instructions in the application form.


🟢 How will it work?

🟦 Step 1

100 participants will be selected by the end of March and they will start working online in groups of 10 – in groups we’re calling Think Tanks – each focusing on a specific topic relevant in the art world. The topics will be chosen and formulated by the Head Moderators of De Structura, in collaboration with project partners. Participants choose a topic of interest and together with their Think Tank colleagues they develop a deep understanding of the topic, aided by a group moderator who will structure their explorations and coordinate interactions with our numerous external contributors and experts.


🟪 Step 2

A large forum in Tallinn, Estonia will take place from 17th-26th of July 2022. During the first half of the forum, the Think Tanks will examine their research, identify the problems inherent to their topic that they want to focus on as a group, and propose solutions. Those solutions together with the research will then be compiled into a report to be disseminated among institutions and decision makers.

During the second half of the forum, the participants will split into groups of 3 to 6 people according to their artistic and career interests. They will spend those final days designing a common artistic project and write a plan for fundraising, production, communication and showing it to the public.


🟩 Step 3

After July 2022 they will have a year to carry out the projects designed at the forum. There will be a check-in meeting with representatives of all groups in the Netherlands in November 2022. Many of our partners have expressed an interest in providing their platforms and spaces to show the projects. Once all of them are completed, the De Structura team will collect feedback from the participants about the challenges of carrying out artistic projects as a young professional in Europe. The feedback will be compiled into a second report to be disseminated among institutions and decision makers.


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