Start: March 11, 2020
7:00 pm
End: March 16, 2020
7:00 pm

Event Venue

George Enescu Str 43, Bucharest, Romania

“Dis|Order” stands for my need of organizing my outer and inner world. As frivolous as it might seem, each object is a valuable treasure and finds its place in different cases.

Everyday clutter of public or personal settings, is meticulously assembled in small cases, so that those who generate chaos control it at the same time.

The project reveals human’s need of organizing, transposed as a visual result of the artistic intention. Dis/Order is my reply to the quotidian clutter, to the delusive folly, to life’s noise.

From an entropic perspective, the visual gesture centers the amorphous mass, thus creating meaning and order in the natural flow and evolution of life.

I take ownership of the creative process as an entropic act. Order is resettled in the tridimensional space through a series of boxes which complement the two-dimensional series of paintings.

Aesthetic entropy= state of disorder, random repartition of elements which generate the artwork through the intervention of the artist.

As an antinomic response to clutter, order is part of the human inner structure. The pieces of “Dis/Order” emphasize the subjects that we try to control. Therefore, cassettes of dis/order temporarily inhabit the home of ETAJ.

Visitors are welcomed to bring small personal objects (10×10 cm max.) to see how they harmonize with the disorder of the boxes displayed.

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