Start: November 5, 2021
5:00 pm
End: November 7, 2021
7:00 pm

Event Venue

Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin


mit Delfina Carmona, Justina Leston and Lucía Szych

05.11.2021 – 07.11.2021

Opening: Friday 05.11.2021 18h to 22h

Performances – Special Events:

Friday 05.11: 18 h
Opening: DJ set by Blume

Saturday 06.11: 19 h
Live Music Un Fantasma Feliz

Sunday 07.11: 19 h
Finissage: Live Music John Babylon

Opening times:
Friday 05.11.2021 17h to 21h
Saturday 06.11.2021 14h to 19h
Sunday 07.11.2021 14h to 19h

Three points as part of three convergent lines, these are the minimum amount of elements for the creation of a distinguishable area.
This exhibition suggests a subjective cutting through time and space of the work of three Argentine artists, whose paths intersect at the city of Berlin. Here they find and observe each other, they study their ways,techniques and their relationship. As a result they offer us a universe of reinterpretations. Their work accounts for the forces of the collective, for the importance of one Other, who would help us rediscover and thus resignify ourselves. Always.
Because there are no isolated points in space, but an infinite network of relationships. And from each encounter results a possibility of new hybrids that refuse to be crystalized in a permanent form.
This dialogue is ephemeral. It offers us a moment of pause and observation.The gestures of the artists converse and contribute to trace new forms, which were not visible nor possible until then. The microcosmos created by the images of Carmona, Leston and Szych combines the rigurosity of shapes with the fragility of time.
Dreieck is an ode to geometry and its many times ignored underlying sensitivity.

Curatorial text by Florencia Giudici


Participating Artists:

Delfina Carmona –

Digital Photographer, Art Director and Content Creator from Buenos Aires, Argentina living in Berlin, Germany.

With a background in the world of theater and a career in professional photography she is dedicated to creating scenes to photograph almost daily. Small scenarios and visual performances, self-portraits, compositions with objects, light and shadows, colors and shapes became a form of expression that synthesizes who she is.

Justina Leston –

Justina Leston is a visual artist that works with analog and digital photography. Her work is full of mundane, absurd and arbitrary things that emphasize error, humor and beauty. In this opportunity she is presenting Ukrainian urban landscapes, snapshots of her life in Berlin and a first approach to installation.

Lucía Szych –

Visual artist. Through drawings and installations she tries to grasp the space that surrounds us. Her work predominantly deals with traces, she is intrigued by capturing minimal moments to reflect on time, memory and fragility. In a dialogue between what she calls “drawings in the air” and “spaces on paper”, she explores the interaction between the 2D and the volumetric, the morphology of abstraction and the confrontation with the unexpected.

Invited by Eli Cornejo

Fees & Tickets
Free of charge


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