Start: June 13, 2019
7:00 pm
End: June 13, 2019
11:00 pm

Event Venue

George Enescu Str 43, Bucharest, Romania

ECHO | from natural to artificial
Next week, the 13th of June | BUCHAREST

E T A J presents the 17th one-night show, since May 2018, when we first opened.
Dumitru Gurjii fills the space with a series of images, achieved through traditional and modern means, from painting and graphics to experimental art, installation, sound art, and video art, all of whom embody a single unitary world, ruled by chaos and order.

Let’s turn one eye towards nature and the other towards our own worlds, both individual and collective, which we perpetually transform.

I believe that, through this, ETAJ becomes a new world, that I first designed for myself, as a cosmogonical replica of the fundamental requisites of creation, which come to us as ECHOES.

Now, I want my works to become “functional” and to be part of a global structure. I seek to build a SPACE that generates complementary, contemplative and empirical experiences. I am interested in how a thought becomes an IMAGE, through the act of materializing it, as well as in the constant principles of creation and in what guides nature in its manifestation and humans in their creation.

A fundamental problem, that precedes the artistic act and the experience of the sublime, must concern the human condition in nature, before considering him an independent creator.

What is “natural” and what is “artificial”?

We believe that artifacts are products of our own creative acts. We live under the impression that they are separate from nature, but, at the same time, that they belong in our existential environment, as if they were always here, in nature.

“Nature is ours, we’ve earned it, we do whatever we want with it !” Or, maybe, we ourselves are nature?

Let’s stop acting mechanically, according to our will, distorted by putting to much trust into habits and thoughts, excessively guided by instinct and trivial interests. Let’s extricate ourselves from the everyday world, so as to watch ourselves and our creation, nature, and its laws, from the outside. For our own good, it’s important, from time to time, to perceive the PRIMORDIAL ECHOES, that guide nature in its manifestation and Man in accomplishing his creation.

Art can bring these primordial echoes in the realm of sensibility, senses, and rationality. Body language, acoustic, visual, tactile language, the language of all the senses, is natural and, alongside reason, enables us to internalize, trough artificial language, what I call “primordial echoes”, with the purpose of making them functional, towards designing and building our independent worlds.

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