Start: February 15, 2020
7:00 pm
End: February 22, 2020
7:00 pm

Event Venue

George Enescu Str 43, Bucharest, Romania

Descărnarea(RO) fleshing(ENG) is the process of cleaning the bones by successively removing the useless tissue layers. In the same way, the artist works with the realities of his own worlds through a metaphorical fleshing. He digs to find images and ideas that do not easily reach the surface of the psychic, in the superficial layers of the conscious.

The works exhibited in “Descărnare”/”Fleshing” represent the testimonies of the search efforts. They took shape in the artist studio, after long hours of searches and flashing moments of inspiration.

Curiosity and the need for introspection have led to the formal definition of the visible works now in the context of the space from the ETAJ modeled and reformed through the same process of fleshing.

Digging deeper and further removing each layer of psychological tissue, one gradually reaches the hard core, the immutable center, the skeleton.

Beyond the bone structure, things go into the abstract, becoming an infinite ocean of form and content, everything and nothing. Thus, the road ends are also a lifeline in front of the abysses. Although it does not always offer the expected reward, once the whole bone is cleansed, you only have the option to end it with a new process of discharging.

Man lives at the same time in a multitude of layers, as in a whole unit, with the product of the discharge and with its process at the same time.

In “DESCĂRNARE”/”Fleshing” the works each have their own world, but at the same time, they sit and connect with each other, forming a single existential context. “Flesh”, the compound substance of the psychic, though not palpable, nevertheless makes its presence felt. Living in the world also involves living in one’s own body, and especially requires establishing introspective connections between myself and the ego’s dwelling.

Thus, the exploration of the psychic of individuality and collectivity is reflected in the need for physical exploration, in the material structures of the world.

I invite you to discover the “fleshing” through your own senses.

Theodor Grigoraş.


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