Start: September 10, 2021
6:00 pm
End: September 11, 2021
9:00 pm

Forats is a videoperformnace piece resulting from a process of research work, carried out for a year by five artists. From a proposal to stage, each artist recreates the piece. The music chosen accompanies each’s vivence, allowing us to go into the individual experiences, which are included in group choreography. The audio consists of five different sounds that are part of a group choreography, and at the same time correspond to each individual experience.

Les Performers is an artist group; Victoria Garcia Masdeu, Marga Rotger Llompart, Letitia María Muñoz, Olga Manzanaro Rodrigo, and Marta Font Genovart. This video shows a coast scene, where five silhouettes can be seen in front of the sea: people dressed in black with five white sticks, drawing the line of a path over the sand. Each player makes their own line, path, drawing with the stick or pinning holes, hence the name of the piece. They will accompany the video five headphones with different sounds, which in some way allow a dive into the individual of each of the participants.

The piece will be presented to the framework of the Sineu Ciclop Performing Arts Festival and projected in loop for all the time of the opening at Espai Sant Marc. Friday, 10 September, 18 to 20 hours and Saturday, 11 September, 18 to 21 hours. With the presence of the artists members of this group.

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