Start: October 24, 2019
7:00 pm
End: October 29, 2019
7:00 pm

Event Venue

george enescu 43

  Gaslight is the clinical term used to describe psychological abuse. The victim is manipulated in various forms, especially by denying the act of abuse, therefore weakening her / his judgment. The aftereffect can be compared to the state of brain hallucinations, damaging the mechanism of perception, responsible for both recalling the past and designing predictions for the future.

  This project denounces such an experience (avoiding extreme paranoia, as well as conspiracy theories), using the way that reality is built and what sets the values ​​of what is true or not. Trapped in a box, the brain gets stimulated, through our senses and, that will determine the perception of reality. Whenever you want to recall something, it is going to be tainted because the brain pulls a memory out of a hidden drawer, then the interpretation with the new YOU, the ever-changing YOU, is going to change your perception of the past.

  You can cope with reality using the idea that you get to choose what your brain gets contaminated with, practising empathy until you expand your sense of self, thus, getting relief from the role of the victim.

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