Start: March 10, 2022
7:00 pm
End: March 10, 2022
9:00 pm

Event Venue

Mechenstraße 25, D - 53129 Bonn-Kessenich

Thanks to our personal contacts we are very proud to present a program of films by Ukrainian film makers. The film program curated by Nadia Parfan shall give Ukrainians a voice through their film makers and provide insights into a war that started many years ago without being noticed by the rest of the world.

#WARNOTE by the ukrainian film maker Roman Lyubiy from 2021 (with English Subtitles), 70 Min.
Personal videos from the phones, camcorders, cameras and GoPros of Ukrainian soldiers are woven into a surreal journey to the frontline of the war with Russia. The film shows a bizarre world whose laws are quite different from what we are used to. The behaviour is different, the relationships unfold differently and the humour takes on different notes. The heroes wake up and fall asleep, rejoice and cry, always feeling that the recording may end at any moment.

The program was put together in collaboration with Nadia Parfan, film maker, co-founder of 86 Festival of Film and Urbanism and part of TAKFLIX, the only streaming service for Ukrainian cinema.

All presented films are made available for free by TAKFLIX. All donations will go to local organizations within Ukraine, since they know best what they need right now. We will report and inform what the money was used for.


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Fees & Tickets
Free of charge

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