Start: April 6, 2020
8:00 pm
End: April 10, 2020
10:00 pm

Event Venue

George Enescu Str 43, Bucharest, Romania

Corona on the cake!!!

Although all the exhibitions are cancelled within the next period of time, ETAJ is alive and shows a video projection series which visible only from the street. The Italians sing from the balcony, Romanians are stuck in queues and art goes straight on the streets in order to not die as it nonetheless risks.

The art world is under intensive therapy, but it doesn’t die, it’s still here and is looking after some fresh air. Literally some fresh air! Being the only option to still breath, ETAJ goes on the street and displays various videos from various artists on the gallery’s window.

In September 2019, when everything was still safe and innocent, ETAJ announced or rather foresaw the event called ‘’Log Out’’. The event envisioned an escapade in public space with artworks made by artists that belong to space. Well… things have dramatically changed, and now we invited everyone to submit videos for this logging out process we all live.

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