Start: January 11, 2018
8:00 pm
End: February 10, 2018
7:00 pm

Event Venue

mendeli moher sfarim 8

Idris is starting the new year with a new exhibit!
We welcome you to join us for the opening of the exhibition “Motion Trap” by Michael Halak and Samah Shihadi.
Thursday 11 January at 20:00

In this exhibit the artists deal with the notions of movement and transition. Shihadi’s works convey the physical entrapments of a traditional and patriarchal society, which she expresses through the movements of a female dancer. Halak’s work reflect the relation between individuals and physical locations, via the imagery and memories connected to a modern nomad. Both artists bring the issue of movement to the forefront only to find themselves entrapped: on the one hand dance which is perceived as a freeing act transforms into an illusion only persistent so long as action is taking place, and the modern nomad who is on a continuous move lacks belonging and finds himself in constant uncertainty whereby what is meant to be a temporary condition into a permanent state of affairs.

The Artists
Michael Halak: born in 1975 in Fassuta village (Upper Galilee). After studying Fine Arts at Haifa University, Halak won a residence scholarship in 2005 to attend the Florence Academy of Art. He received a MFA at Haifa University in 2009. Halak has exhibited extensively in museums and galleries in Europe, the USA and Israel, including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Noga Gallery in Tel-Aviv and Haifa University Art Gallery, Haifa Museum, Herzlya Museum and Ramat Gan Museum. Halak has won several awards including from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Rappaport Prize for a Young Israeli Painter. He currently lives and works in Haifa.
Samah Shihadi: born in Sha`b, in 1987 she is a Haifa-based artist. She graduated from the Oranim College where she obtained a BA in 2012 and Haifa University where she completed a MFA in 2015. Shihadi focuses on drawing, in a realistic style, evoking photographic imagery by working with both pencil and charcoal. Her work often revolves around the daily personal and social challenges faced by women in their home environment and beyond. Shihadi has received numerous prizes and has exhibited consistently both in Israel/Palestine and abroad.

The Venue:
This artist run space in central Tel Aviv aims to provide emerging and established curators and artists a stage to present their work. The collaborative structure of the space aspires to bring together different forms of artistic expression and facilitate public engagement with contemporary art.
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The artist-run initiative provides emerging and established artists and curators a stage to present their work. Our collaborative structure aspires to bring together different forms of artistic expression and facilitate…