Start: November 10, 2018
12:00 am
End: December 31, 2018
11:59 pm

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The 8th edition of POPPOSITIONS will revolve around the term “woke” and how its mainstream popularity and increasing application intersects with corporate and capitalist structures.

The idea of being woke and wokeness concerns raising social awareness, taking actions in response to dominant paradigms, acknowledging one’s privileges towards understanding the struggles of others, and giving space to social bodies that have been silenced, unacknowledged and underrepresented.

With the forthcoming edition of POPPOSITIONS we want to think collectively about what responses and forms of resistance can be formulated when ideologies have become trendy and woke-washing brands cash in on social justice.

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How do we imagine and envision a future beyond the evergrowing ruins of capitalism and increasing ecological and economic instability? Are artists capable of making this old and dying world…