Start: March 4, 2019
12:00 am
End: April 25, 2019
12:00 am

Event Venue

gullholma 404, 373 75 jämjö

We are excited to announce the open call for our 2019 residency program! 
Land404 will invite a small group of artists to take part in a month long residency at our farm culminating in an exhibition on a nearby cape. We ask the participating artists to work with the nature and community surrounding the farm. Thematically investigating the relationship between modern people and nature as well as urban and rural states of being. The participants are encouraged to work freely with the themes. No discipline is preferred, but we are extra interested in experimental approaches, interdisciplinary work and social practice. 
This year we continue our collaboration with Dans i Blekinge, a residency for dancers and choreographers running parallel to ours. 
Land404s residency is intimate, intensive and experimental. As it takes place in our home there is a strong communal aspect, which we love. It is however important that applicants are aware that they will be expected to take responsibility for the well-being of the group as well as partake in daily tasks related to the house. In other words if you want a room and no-one to bother you for a month this is probably not the program for you. We find that it is well worth it though.
When there is downtime we hang out, garden, pick mushrooms and berries in the woods, swim in the ocean or canoe with the seals living off the coast. 
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Land404 is founded by artists Christopher Landin and Simone Ærsøe. From their farm on the southeast coast of Sweden, they run a residency program and facilitate workshops, events and exhibitions.…