Start: March 22, 2019
7:00 pm
End: March 22, 2019
11:00 pm

Event Venue

Glogauer Str. 16, 10999 Berlin

On the 22nd and 23rd of March 2019, eleven of GlogauAIR’s resident artists coming from four continents will offer Berlin the chance to visit their studios and see all new work, the results of their residency projects completed here at GlogauAIR.

Join us on Friday March 22nd from 7 to 11pm or on Saturday the 23rd from 2 to 7pm. As always, entry is free!

Participating Artists:

Kleber Cianni (BR)
Zhiwan Cheung (US)
Isolde Kille (DE)
Emily Thomas (UK)
Soji Shimizu (JP)
Hannah Jones (US)
Ji-Yeon Kim (KR)
Bohyeon Kim (UK)
Jorge Nava (SP)
Lang Zhang (CN)
Fiorella Bassil (CO)

Beginning on the first floor, Kleber Cianni uses varied strings, found or purchased, adhesive tapes stained with the paints he used, or scraps of wood and drains, to paint, scribble, glue, tear, saw, sew, and reframe his way to new creations. Zhiwan Cheung presents a series of multi-channel video works playing in synchrony with each individual video acting as a fragment within an endlessly developing story. From two-dimensional works such as painting and photography to sculptural mirror works and film/video, Isolde Kille works with a variety of techniques to make visible not only the constructed nature of imagery but also the potential to change them. Emily Thomas explores the thematic, repetitive features of buildings, as well as their structural forms and materiality. Soji Shimizu shows his new painting series titled Drive, mixing multiple viewpoints along the way to creating anti-site-specific works.

Traveling upstairs to the second floor studios, Hannah Jones presents new paintings created from photographs taken or screen-captured when she witnessed moments of poetic intimacy, which expose neglect or a period of transition in the city. Ji-Yeon Kim’s new work from her two ongoing series, Tinder Portraits and Fake News Project, playfully exposes our notions of public and private digital spaces and contemporary identity online. Bohyeon Kim explores the framework of painting through sculptural intervention. Employing found objects and digital images woven into sprawling installations, anthropomorphic and surreal qualities emerge. Abstract and emotionally charged, Jorge Nava investigates painting spontaneously based on sensations directly related to the contemplation of nature. Lang Zhang works directly with the spatial characteristics of his studio to incorporate personal memories and insights into newly experienced spaces, and to a larger extent, the social and historical environment.

Visiting the third floor studio of Fiorella Bassil gives you the opportunity to see the vivid and intricate illustrations that focus on her interrogation of various parts of everyday life that remain stigmatized or social taboos.

The Project Space is also activated to create a dialogue between work created by GlogauAIR resident artist Zhiwan Cheung and invited Berlin-based artists Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo, Nikita Zhukovskiy, and performance artist Lisa Stertz.

Novel forms of creation come from looking at experiences, places, and spaces from a totally different perspective. The artists exhibiting in the project space discrupt our expectations, causing us to think deeply about highly personal subjects, such as privacy, identity, sexuality, and spirituality. Deeply research-based processes lead to introspective and yet engaging embodiments of these centrally significant ideas–a cross-section of internationally relevant concerns that highlight the direction of contemporary art in Berlin and beyond.

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