Start: November 30, 2018
12:00 am
End: December 9, 2018
6:00 pm

Event Venue

Westeinde 31a, The Hague, The Netherlands

…ism project space shows a new total installation by Paul Bogaers (Tilburg, 1961). The artist uses three very different spaces in the building for an artistic trilogy about the relationship between photography, sculpture and space. His photo sculptures occupy the project space and guide the visitor through the different scenes. For the first time, video projection is being used to unlock Bogaers’ state of mind. Using both the front space and the deepest space in the 17th century building of …ism, Bogaers forces the visitor to approach the installation from two directions. With ‘Back and Forth’ not only the boundaries of photography but also the limits of exhibition design are being explored.

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…ism project space

...ism is a project space for artists with ideas for future work. It does not show existing work but specifically invites…