Start: April 24, 2021
12:00 am
End: April 24, 2021
11:00 pm

Like in a perfect circle, I do return to the place where my first exhibition took place, Sineu.

One of the many perceptible differences between those two biographical moments lies in the fact that I actually understand the role of the spectator as a participant in the work’s process.

In a sort of symbiotic relationship, visitors will enjoy with the different works exhibited in Espai Sant Marc while they reinforce them with their experience.

An appropiate way to understand my work is noticing the importance of code in it.

I talk about code not only as technological scripting but as a meaning that is not going to be understood without taking in account the required elements.

I believe spectators have a work to do putting together the different pieces that an artwork places in front of them. If not, they would only achieve an incomplete, although valid, experience, because that’s what we find day after day: multitude of codes that we use to replicate without understanding them, as the one singing the Quran phonetically.

Even that, with the increase of technical complexity in my latests years’ projects, my opacity towards the spectators has lowered, as the enjoyment of them would return the efforts invested.

Anyway, there are some variable but connected elements always present in my artistic proposals: some codified meaning, aesthetic pleasure and uncertainty.

Fees & Tickets
Free of charge