Start: October 11, 2019
7:00 pm
End: October 12, 2019
3:00 am

Event Venue

George Enescu Str 43, Bucharest, Romania

„Playing GOD, why?”  is, in essence, the silent curatorial statement of ETAJ artist group. We may live with the feeling of knowing the difference between right and wrong, of order and chaos, of authentic and simulacrum. Upon making decisions we apply rules that justify our decision-making mechanism. The subject of this exhibition is the matter of ”decision” and the ”decision-making factor”; during this curatorial experiment, subjective and individual decisions define the final outcome of ”artist-run” culture that is fueling the eclectic character of this group show.

„Playing GOD” is emphasizing on the artist’s individuality, while “why?” asks the question of the individual intervention within the group. „why?” questions the ethics and morality of “playing GOD”.  „why?”, in this case, is addressing the critical eye, the art consumer, the one who decides whether someone’s creation is worthy of becoming iconic. What is good art, what is bad art? Who deserves the limelight? Who gets to decide? Who gets to play God in our daily lives and what are the rules of the game?

For this event, hazard and eclecticism play a decisive role in shaping this exhibition, allowing the creators to co-exist in the artist-run space. You are discovering 15 artifacts, announcing the future artists to be featured in this season’s programme. 

In the second room, we are hosting a live video installation, „2141 km”, broadcasting from Denmark, the official launch of ETAJ Copenhagen, where the initial artists of ETAJ (from Bucharest) are invited by K41 crew to open a homologous run-space, thus a virtual portal connecting the two capitals under the same concept.

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