Start: September 25, 2020
9:00 pm
End: September 25, 2020
12:00 am

Event Venue

Stettiner Str. 19, 13357 Berlin, Germany

Doors: 20:30, Show Start: 21:00
Limited tickets available: get yours in advance to avoid disappointment:
Sharp heels, provocative g-strings, eyelashes longer than our skirts. We walk among you… but we rarely disclose what we do. Even more rarely do we share what it’s really like. To reveal our bodies for paying strangers as they reveal their oddest quirks and share their deepest confessions.
Tonight we share more than our bodies. Through a combination of short stories and sexy pole performance, we take you inside and backstage. Ever wondered how we drink all night and still walk in eight-inch heels? Why so many of our clients are women? What really happens during stag parties? We’ll share all that, but also intimate insights and reflections about our work that we normally keep to ourselves.
Come experience a lap dance that goes through your ears and tickles your mind. Come ready to laugh, be moved, and get to know the people behind the flashy facade.
We are Artists, Feminists & Workers. We are the Berlin Strippers’ Collective. And you’ve never seen striptease like this.
Fees & Tickets
15.00 €

Berlin Strippers Collective

Feminist self-organised collective
We are a creative and political collective that has grown out of the solidarity and sister*hood – and the difficulties – we have experienced in the industry. We want to…