Start: October 9, 2021
12:00 am
End: November 20, 2021
12:00 am

David Gersten & Homa Shojaie

October 9th – November 20th, 2021 | Virtual Program

Arts Letters & Numbers is pleased to announce “SunShip: Thesis II at Arts Letters & Numbers”, a six-week immersive virtual studio program led by David Gersten and Homa Shojaie. The Studio program is being held as part of “SunShip: The Arc That Makes The Flood Possible,” Arts Letters & Numbers’ exhibition in the CITYX Venice Italian Virtual Pavilion of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale.

SunShip: The Arc That Makes the Flood Possible

Tens of centuries ago, trees of enormous scale were cut, trimmed, skinned of their bark, and bound together using a particularly robust fibrous rope for the construction of rafts that anticipated the crossing of the great raging seas. Although strong, this rope was not often used near the sea; salt broke down its fiber, sea salt ate away its strength. The trees were bound in such a way that the rolling motion of the sea dug the rope into the soft wood of the trees; the particular knot and binding allowed the push and pull of the sea to work the rope into deep grooves in the wood. In time, as the wood swelled in the water, the grooves closed around the rope, sealing and protecting it from the sea salt. These knots anticipated their own transformation. They are knots in time, space and substance, capturing a wonderful enigma: the strength of fragility, the fragility of strength. 

Fees & Tickets
800$ for 6 weeks

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