Start: May 1, 2019
7:00 pm
End: May 14, 2019
9:00 pm

Event Venue


The book of the artist.
“Chronicles of the unpublished (hybrid) war.
Or [Cotton Accounting], from Oleg Kharch” .
My technology.
The book of the artist is a text collage of enough different elements. These are separate chapters that were recorded at different times manually. On papers that were used in accounting, other documentation, and millimeter paper with a proven fact of their manufacture in the 80’s and 90’s of the twentieth century under the Soviet Union.
Research is always a long and hard – working process. On todays day, everything is very compressed in the temporal dimension to the extreme. So the Internet came to our aid. It gave an opportunity to study various aspects of human life on the planet Earth. Therefore, sitting on the monitor tertiary can fully comprehend those topics theme seem to have not hinge to do with it. Quite a normal click and now the theme of wars. It seems to him that this topic has acquired some o their bizarre aspect. Hybrid War. Unpublished war. This is a new reality. And it gets to the tablet owners screen by acquiring a taste of virtuality. Although it is possible to undergo a centre in real military operation. And then begin to cover the same virtual events as book written in a single instance. Copy and then expose and show the world. Will the world see, this will be the next question? How will it react, this already the third. Maydan 2014. Ukraine 2013- 2015. Attempt of my volunteering. Unpublished war. She has already taken eleventh us and lives. Thirtythous and wounded and crippled. Millions of refugees. And she (the War) and today has no definition due to hybrid method of its management. Trying to study. The book of the artist. “Chronicles of the unpublished (hybrid) war. Or [Cotton Accounting], from Oleg Kharch.”

Opening: May 1st at HLEBZAWOD (Kirilivska 65 b street).

Available for viewing until May 14th (Visits after opening, by appointment).
Information by phone: +380 63 02 83 501.

[email protected]

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