Start: September 11, 2020
12:00 am
End: September 12, 2020
11:59 pm
This was a sculpture project that has been transformed into scenic action. It has as its origin the history of the spoking sculptures of Rome. Pasquino is the nickname the Romans gave to a very dilapidated sculpture from the 3rd century BC found in Rome. The inhabitants of 1501 began to use this sculpture to hang on them writings against the power that daredto say what they were silent as dangerous, from which the word “pasquín” becomes. J.Cera shows us a video of the project: “Conversations with Pasquino”, a scenic piece that will be represented by holograms where Pasquino’s character recovers his own voice to tell the artist that he is about to announce the end of the story and that she must sing the lullaby of awakening.

Joana Cera is a multidisciplinary artist which hybridizes its means of production and hers methodologies with a high formal and conceptual intensity; sculpture, video, drawing and installations, are the available media for hers creativity wich is lately developed in long research periods unrelated to the combustion of the artistic scene. She has worked with art galleries as; Ana Mas projects (Barcelona-Puerto Rico), La caja blanca (Palma de Mallorca), La casa amarilla (Saragossa) and now galeria Alegria (Madrid). she has participated in international art fairs as; Arco, Bolonia, Brussels or Miami and has exhibited in New York, Holland, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain.
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