Start: November 5, 2021
12:00 am
End: December 31, 2022
12:00 am

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**application deadline may 15th for artists applying to attend before july 15th 2024*** rolling deadline thereafter

the rabbit hole is back from our international residency program in naples, and opens the hatch in the heart of paris.

“the hatch” is set up as a response to the high demand of applications for the rabbit hole international residency “the art of remembering” held in naples, italy, where the rabbit hole method was introduced to 10 international artists.

“the hatch” is a separate program, tailored for 1-2 artists at a time, in paris, still applying the theme “the art of remembering” to its applications.

about the rabbit hole:

founded in 2008 in new york city, the rabbit hole is a creative community of 3000+ in 56 countries. the residency program that bases its principals on deconstructing creative processes while establishing a new methodology called the rabbit hole method.™

please email [email protected] for brochure, full details, and for pricing.



artists, curators, writers, poets, researchers, sound artists, performers, photographers, filmmakers, digital artists, from all backgrounds are invited to the open call.

we invite the curious minded who have a particular interest in unraveling processes around deconstruction through mediums such a poetry, research, theatre and performance.

spend two weeks to 2 months in the magical loft of the rabbit hole’s headquarters, burrowed in one of paris’ most inspiring and vibrant enclaves.

over the past 12 years, the hatch has moved from new york city, to barcelona, london, to now paris: this time to immerse in paris’ global stage of artistic communities.

“the hatch” provides a key into the creative rabbit holes of paris and connections with the city’s artistic communities, and cultural spaces, as well as a collaboration with l’expressoir residency 1 hour away from paris, in the french countryside.

length of stay:

2 weeks minimum
2 months max


program elements:

1 / creative retreat

located in central paris, the hatch is a space for creative investigations, set up as a contemplative encounter and reflective residency focusing on independent research, as well as a space to explore flaneur, wandering and indulging in the fabric of parisian philosophies and nuances.

2 / individually tailored + curated stay

the selected hatch resident will work with the rabbit hole to create a unique program according to the artist’s interests, with direct contacts with mentors from music, theatre, dance and visual art disciplines including gallery opening invites, art talks, studio visits, art tours, and an artist dinner and salon held at the hatch, will be arranged.

3/ an immersion and exchange with l’expressoir residency program

4 / introduction to the rabbit hole method

5 / membership into the global community

**application deadline: the 1st of the month for acceptance within 3 months from then. first come first serve**

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the rabbit hole

the rabbit hole seeks to stimulate new ideas about the self and the other, and to challenge culturally constructed…