Start: September 1, 2020
7:00 pm
End: September 20, 2020
7:00 pm

Event Venue

frankfurter Strasse 62, Kassel

The scheme
›Something that can only be seen in faint outlines, not clearly visible‹
Jörn Budesheim Barbara Bux Daniel Scheffel

From September 1st to 20th, 2020, the artist Barbara Bux and the artist Daniel Scheffel – both from Frankfurt / EULENGASSE exhibition space – will exhibit together with the Kassel artist Jörn Budesheim in kunstbalkon (art balcony) in Kassel, Germany. The exhibition “Der Schemen” is part of a cooperation between kunstbalkon and EULENGASSE. For decades kunstbalkon has maintained a lively exchange with artists and galleries from all over the world who are invited to Kassel and who in turn invite artists from kunstbalkon. In 2020 there will be another collaboration with the art association EULENGASSE from Frankfurt.

For this collaboration, two exhibitions are planned in Frankfurt and Kassel, each with three artists: In Frankfurt, the artist Andrea Blumör, as the representative of EULENGASSE, welcomes Margrit Gehrhus and Jörn Budesheim from the Kassel art balcony from October 8 to 25. Under the title “All colors paint black”, the exhibition uses aesthetic means to deal with current social issues. The exhibition is curated by Vládmir Combre de Sena M.A.

Before that, the artist Jörn Budesheim ›welcomes‹ the two representatives of EULENGASSE Barbara Bux and Daniel Scheffel in Kassel from September 1st to 20th. The title »Der Schemen« introduces a free dialogue between various artistic positions. According to the Duden, a scheme is ›something that can only be seen in faint outlines, not clearly.‹ This is also the case with the various works of the three participating artists. They mostly only hint at aspects, leaving room for questions and speculations. They trigger hints rather than clarity. The exhibition is curated jointly by all participating artists – supported by the Kassel artist Margrit Gehrhus.

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