EULENGASSE is an artist-run space in Frankfurt am Main, that provides a platform for artists and those interested in contemporary art and culture, and is dedicated to representing contemporary art. Founded in 2003, EULENGASSE is open for discussion, independent of the art market and open to a wide variety of different and even controversial perspectives.

For several years, EULENGASSE has chosen an annual theme and then organizes exhibitions and events based on this theme for the entire year. Artists are invited and the demands of contemporary art and cultural education are discussed and freshly interpreted. The artist-run space EULENGASSE is an important venue in the Frankfurt art community and shows different artistic approaches and positions in an informal, yet professional, environment.

A special feature of EULENGASSE is the »project meeting«: a meeting of all interested members, which takes place once a month in two different formats. The members are mainly artists: painters, sculptors, graphic artists, musicians, actors, architects and designers, and they exchange artistic positions, determine the collective politics, conceive projects and prepare future exhibitions and events.

In addition to exhibitions, EULENGASSE organizes discussions and lectures, film programmes, performances, music events and excursions. This way the the artist-run space offers different ways to discuss art and promote contacts: between artists and between artists and the public. Promoting artists from Frankfurt and the metropolitan region is a principal focus. Annual programmes are regularly supported by the Culture Department of the City of Frankfurt am Main.

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Florian Adolph, Jo Albert, Almut Aue, Elke Bergerin, Costa Bernstein, Bero Blumöhr, Andrea Blumör, Denis Buckley, Barbara Bux, Vládmir Combre de Sena, Harald Etzemüller, Sybille Fuchs, Bärbel Geurts, Mrs. Velvet G.Oldmine, Dorothea Gräbner, Cornelia F. Ch. Heier, Wolfgang Hermann, Paul Hirsch, Sabine Imhof, Andrea Interschick, Elke Kaiser, Dr. Ana Karaminova, Lilo C. Karsten, Sibyll Ariane Keller, Heide Khatschaturian, Brigitte Kottwitz, Carolyn Krüger, Arturo Laime, Rosemarie Lücking, Steffen Merte, Jon Pahlow, Pelusa Urzula Petzel, Karin Rahts, Christiane Rath, Daniel Scheffel, Thomas Schneider, Petra Schott, Susanna Sitterding, Agnes Stockmann, Martina Templin, Christiaan Tonnis, Rahulla Torabi, Sabine Voigt, Helmut Werres, Jürgen Wolff