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Wondercabinet is the project of interdisciplinary relational artists, Anne Weshinskey and Árni Gudmundsson (V4L Arts Collective).

We specialize in the instigation and exhibition of artistic curiosities, and creating spaces where unexpected wonders can occur. We pave a pathway to enjoying contemporary art through activities that engage everyone—from locals to those passing by on their way to somewhere else.

Anne and Arni began working together 15 years ago while living and working in separate countries (Turkey and Sweden), and in 2016 moved to West Virginia where the type of conceptual and relational (community collaborative) work we do was completely unheard of in this rural area.

In order to rectify this situation, we took over the fire truck bay of an old volunteer fire company and turned it into an exhibition and production space and roadside attraction called Wayside Wondercabinet.  Located within the Between the Hills Community Center in Loudoun County, VA,  Wayside Wondercabinet has since become a locus of cultural projects created for, and in collaboration with, the local community.  Besides exhibiting artistic work and serving as a venue for various cultural projects,  “The Wayside” is home to a permanent collection of curiosities and artworks by local and international artists.  It is also the  space used by some artists-in-residence who choose to exhibit work or engage with the community in a white cube setting.

The Wild Wonderful Rural Residency Program

V4L initiates and facilitates customized creative residencies across all disciplines. Our focus is on identifying and addressing the themes of rural transition—through participatory research with creatives and communities in the exurban environment of the Shenandoah Valley (Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland.) Our approach is simultaneously artist-initiated and community-driven.

Our program is multi-locational—meaning that we partner to build a network of hosting locations and interested communities in which residents may engage, based on the artist or collective’s intended work.

While each residency venue and housing situation is customized based on the artist and project, V4L does have one permanent hosting location/workspace (QHHQ) and one permanent production and exhibition venue (Wayside Wondercabinet).    Examples of residency programming coordinated by V4L are the Farwell Cottage Residency in Hillsboro, VA and the China Folk House Artist exchange between West Virginia and Xiamen, PRC.





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