The origins of artspring berlin
The history of artspring berlin begins in 2017. Inspired by the desire to establish a district-wide weekend of open studios in Pankow, artspring berlin was brought into being. The main goal was to improve the visibility of artistic production and to locate work spaces for the interested audience. In a constantly growing district like Pankow, the studios and their artists are constantly threatened by gentrification and displacement. History & History

The artspring berlin festival
Since 2019, artspring berlin has been organizing an art festival in which more than 400 artists and cultural workers take part every year. For a whole month, both well-known and unexpected places in Pankow become a stage for a diverse cultural program. As a highlight, many artists open their doors to the public during the open studio days.

Digital expansion
In parallel to the physical festival, artspring berlin also has a growing digital presence. Live streams, discussion rounds and specially produced video contributions expand the reach of the festival far beyond Berlin and thus create new access for an international audience.

Our commitment to art and culture
In addition to the exhibition and event program in municipal and private galleries, artspring berlin has made it its mission to bring art and culture to new, unexpected places. This initiative aims to create permanent cultural spaces in an urban environment characterized by space scarcity.

Eine Plattform für Künstlerinnen und Künstler
artspring berlin versteht sich als Forum und Plattform. Sie bietet Künstlerinnen und Künstlern eine breite öffentliche Bühne und stärkt damit ihre Stimme im Berliner Kulturdiskurs.

artspring berlin als eigenständige Institution ist durch eine Förderung aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung und eine Kofinanzierung durch den Berliner Senat bis Mitte 2026 gesichert.

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