Start: August 1, 2018
12:00 pm
End: July 18, 2018
6:00 pm

Event Venue

37 swanston

Jeremy Bakker

Unfathoming is an exhibition that brings together new work around the experience that time today is increasingly contradictory and incongruous. Through video, modified objects and drawing these artworks aim to open up a space to explore perspectives that fall outside of the logic of time-as-commodity.

A confession: I had recently caught myself in a unique moment of irritation, incessantly tapping at my iPhone screen trying to hurry along the slow-to-load meditation app. Apart from being a sign of work to be done on my journey to mindfulness, perhaps this is indicative of an internal conflict familiar to many. This conflict is a discomforting sense of being entangled in the pervasive narrative of commodified time valued by how well we ‘use’ and ‘spend’ it. Unfathoming is an exhibition that tries to unravel some of this incongruous and contradictory terrain of time today, and open up a space, even if fleetingly, for a consideration of temporal perspectives that are deaf to the urgent calls for productivity and efficiency.

Jeremy Bakker is an artist based in Melbourne.  He has worked on projects in Australia, Japan, Thailand, the Netherlands and most recently in Austria for the RMIT SITUATE residency program.

IMAGES | Jeremy Bakker, Manifest Density (detail), 2018Modified glass vesselsDimensions variable | Courtesy the artist.

Opening Night | Thursday 2 Aug, 6pm–8pm

Gallery Open | Tuesday-Saturday, 12pm-6pm

Closed on public holidays

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