Start: January 4, 2018
12:00 am
End: February 2, 2018
2:00 pm

Event Venue

Simtat Shlush 5, Tel Aviv

You Were Looking at Me When I Was Looking at You

Gidi Gilam / Noa Ginzburg / Anat Martkovich
04.01.2018 – 02.02.2018

The exhibition includes three installations created by Gidi Gilam, Noa Ginzburg and Anat Martkovich, and offers a playful and experimental approach to the process of artistic creation, as well as to the gallery space. Gilam, Ginzburg and Martkovich each take an interest in the way in which a sketch can be interpreted and moved between different mediums through translations of the artistic, physical, and the picturesque space, and the examination of the forces and conventions that drive the artistic world.

Each of the artists created a sketch for an installation in the exhibition. The sketches were raffled so that each artist will execute an installation designed by one of the other artists. The sketches do not include measurements or reference to the gallery space, so that the artist who builds the installation has the freedom to interpret the materiality and dimensions of the final work. The outcome is a rich and varied exhibition, composed of various mediums, including video, sculpture and collages, and elements taken from the world of theater, such as colored lights, smoke and the like.

The three have been friends and collaborators for the past few years and in 2015 exhibited the show “ROSH” at Gabirol art gallery, where they experimented in collective work processes and installation.

Annual Theme for 2018

This exhibition will open the annual theme of 2018, which will consist entirely of exhibitions revolving around the theme ‘Vision and Failure’. By dealing with the chosen subject, Alfred Gallery seeks to expand the field of meanings that are embedded between the words: vision, success, failure, intent and improvisation, raise questions about the factors that define these concepts, and break up centers of power.

The selected exhibitions will be accompanied by performance events, lectures and screenings, and during the summer, a residency program will take place


Gidi Gilam lives and works in Tel Aviv. He holds a degree in history and philosophy from Tel Aviv University (2006) and an additional degree in visual communications from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2010), winner of the D.A.A.D scholarship from the German government (2006) and the Feldheim Prize for Visual Communication (2010).

Noa Ginzburg holds a BFA in Multi-Disciplinary Arts from Shenkar College and a degree in Medical and Life Sciences from Tel Aviv University. She lives and works in New York and Tel Aviv and is studying for her master’s degree in art at Hunter College. She is a recipient of art scholarships and residency programs from UNESCO, Artis, Alma, and Asylum Arts.

Anat Martkovich, lives in Tel Aviv, holds a bachelor’s degree from Shenkar College and is currently studying for a master’s degree in cultural studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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