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Artist-in-residence programs invite artists and other creative professionals to a temporary work space away from their usual environment and everyday life, to reflect, research, present and create. The residency opportunity encourages and enables artists to explore new materials, connect with new people, experience life in a new location and integrate that experience into their art. We invite you to use our global platform to promote and share residency programs, organized and operated by creatives, explore the various opportunities and connect with artist-run spaces and initiatives worldwide. The residency page is updated constantly by our members. For artists who wish to apply, each residency is added with details, including dates, deadlines, venues, fees (if applicable) and contact information. You can easily search for relevant residencies that meet your specific needs in the Artist-Run Alliance platform, according to title, creation date or event date. Join us, share and learn. Become a part of the growing artist-run community, and keep yourself updated on all current opportunities!

In order to add a new residency opportunity, begin by registering to the Artist-Run Alliance platform. Click on “Login” on the top right menu of the website, and then click on “Register”. Alternatively, go to “Join Us” in the top menu. Fill in your username, email and click on “Sign up”. Once you are registered, go to “Opportunities & Events” in the profile menu on the top right of the website. Then, click on the “Add New” button. Here you can edit your new Opportunity. Make sure that on the “Opportunity/Event Categories” bar on the right side you check the “Residency” category under the “Opportunities” check-box. When you’re done editing, hit “Publish” and share your opportunity.