BRASHNAR CREATIVE PROJECT Skopje, non-profit association for contemporary interdisciplinary art and ecological development, aims to engage directly in the support and creation of an environment for contemporary artistic expression and the development of an ecologically sustainable community for the purpose of enriching and conserving Macedonian culture. Goals of the association:

-The organization, preparation and realization of art projects (national and international exhibitions, art fairs, art festivals, competitions, site-specific exhibitions and residencies).

-To engage and strengthen the local community bond through organized public cultural events.

-To introduce traditional and contemporary artistic practices to the local community to further the appreciation of the arts from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

-To promote, conserve and enrich local Macedonian culture and customs.

-To develop, organize, manage and produce cultural activities that encourages art, cultural exchange and ecological awareness.

-To enrich the local structures by encouraging dialogue between artistic communities and other members of society.

-To foster artistic development of established, emerging, and aspiring regional, national, and international artists.

Brashnar Crative Project, as an artist led project from May 2 to September 30 each year, organizes an international Artist-in-Residence program BRASHNAR located in the neighborhood Hrom on the west side of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. BAiR is a multi-faceted residency program allowing resident artists the freedom to explore the potentials of their practice while experiencing Macedonian culture through group related activities.

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