ComPeung is not only the 1st independent AiR program in Thailand, but also the longest ongoing program since 2007. We have hosted over 100 artists in a wide variety of disciplines from around the world.

Hidden behind a line of teak trees near public ponds, the ComPeung site began as just a piece of empty farmland without any facilities. Now after over 10 years of sculpting this micro community from scratch–planting all the trees, bringing in the road, water, and electricity, and building the houses–with the help of resident artists, our friends and family ComPeung has become a peaceful garden oasis.

As an evolving art project, ComPeung encourages artists to explore and discover – not only new ideas, techniques, and networks, but also themselves as human beings though the process of creative activities and everyday living. ComPeung aims to be an open space for dialogues, encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiments, and exploring the interdependence between art, artists and society.

For artists who need time away from regular commitments to finish current projects, to reflect on their practice, or to explore and develop new works, ComPeung is the ideal place to do so. In an unregimented and relaxed atmosphere, artists have the freedom to focus on their work without having to worry about daily routines such as preparing meals. We hope that by living and working together in a tranquil setting with our team, the local community, and a small diverse group of artists, people will be inspired and challenged to explore possibilities and dreams.

ComPeung offers genuine hospitality with fresh daily produce from the local market for delicious home-cooked meals, assistance where needed, and provides all the necessities for living in a semi-rural, tropical area.

Possibilities exist to install site-specific work – either in nature, public space, or at the ComPeung site – work with local people on community-based projects, collaborate with Thai artists and other international resident artists, or simply get inspired by the unfamiliar environment and working with unfamiliar materials for personal projects.The aspired goals for ComPeung are to be a vibrant creative platform, and to develop and expand into a network of artists and art organizations on local, regional, and international levels.

Please visit our website at for more information about our residency program or exploring some inspiring projects from our previous artists.

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