ARTErra is a multidisciplinary art residency programme placed in the green and friendly village of Lobão da Beira. Our project aims hosting artists by providing them with accommodations, work place ,cultural exchanges and ideas with the community and other artists. We offer two distinct spaces: the house where the residents can do the meals, rest, meet each other, and the other space separated , the “”creation yard””, The different work studios are surrounded by a big garden, a animal yard and an orchard, are spacious and bright spaces perfect to do some research and develop your project in a very relax and comfortable environment. We also have a workroom in the main square of the village where small exhibitions, talks and performances can be presented. This is the perfect place where to do “”try out”” and show your work. During the years we have built a strong relationship with the people of Lobão da Beira who are open and curious about ARTErra artists. Artists from very different disciplines and background search for retreats and places where they can change environment and focus in they´re work, our residency facilitates this escape. We accept application from artists who work in all disciplines and at any stages of their career. All applications are shortly review and if accepted budget according to the needs and requests. To apply for being an artist in residency in ARTErra, please use this link Or send us a email to: [email protected] or call us +351963779054 + INFO.


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