“Nest” is a a community center and residency cluster of ICA Yerevan for arts and cultural workers with a special emphasis on supporting the combination of artistic and surviving strategies in a shaping community of colleagues with similar lifestyle and political position. It is devoted to establishing close cooperation between artists, thinkers, researchers, and other cultural actors through interdisciplinary programs and residencies. As a part of knowledge-based platform for innovative creative production, Nest integrates with the social and cultural framework of Yerevan while simultaneously supporting a strong international focus. 

“Nest” Artists Residency and Community Center of ICA Yerevan is suited for artists, writers, curators, cultural managers, academics and other practitioners providing,  the opportunity to live and work in the very heart of Yerevan while developing individual projects and immersing themselves in Armenia’s creative sphere. Run alongside ICA Yerevan’s Curatorial School, Theory and Project Labs, it also enables residents to benefit from collaboration with these departments that draw participants and mentors from a wide range of complementary artistic and critical backgrounds, as well as attend talks, lectures and workshops by local and international prominent curators, artists and thinkers. ICA

The residency program provides TIME, SPACE and GUIDANCE to explore expanded as well as traditional print media, new media, video-art, installation, performance, photography, research, painting, drawing, etc. while it connects the artists with the art scene of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

Located in the picturesque area of Aygestan in Yerevan and only a short distance from the city’s flourishing cultural center, Nest is set in a peaceful district, surrounded by university campuses and parks. Each resident is provided with a room and production and research space during the residency. The residency is fully furnished and equipped with WiFi. The building also houses a reading room, library, classrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen, all of which are open for residents’ use. ICA Yerevan also has a beautiful wild garden where most of our talks, discussions, presentations and screenings are held from Spring to Autumn.


Applicants are responsible for covering the residency fee that includes the studio rent, utilities and administrative support. Nest’s team will issue acceptance letters for successful residents and support their applications for external grants to cover the fee, travel, food, production and other costs.


We offer a welcome dinner with presentation, study/studio visits and extensive networking with local art scene and the experts in specific cultural and/or research fields of the resident, a final showcase of resident’s research/project results (the format is open and upon the resident’s choice – from small presentation to exposition. Large-scale projects demanding wider production are to be discussed in advance). While in its development stage the physical domain of the center is itself part of the ‘problematic’ framework and context where the artist/researcher is offered to operate.


Individual residencies can last from blitz visits to 5 months, with longer periods strongly encouraged. Residents are asked to propose their preferred duration of stay and if accepted this can be negotiated according to studio availability and schedule. Residencies will take place between 21 March – 15 November, 2019.


The resident is expected to share the results of one’s observations. The decision on format (presentation, exhibition, performance, screening, demonstration, manifesto, dinner, etc) is up to the resident. Also an optional contribution for the Nest Reader, a publication with selected texts from long or short-term residents as well as colleagues and partners is greatly appreciated. We will further inform about the terms and conditions of the publishing upon the development of the project.


Please send your letter of intent or project proposal (max. 700 words) alongside with your CV and portfolio (no more than 5 works) to [email protected]. The application process is ongoing but we recommend applying early to ensure availability for the desired period.


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