press to exit project space was established in 2004 as a special program-based artist initiative for research and production in the field of visual arts and curatorial practices. It is leading organization in Macedonia that deals exclusively with the presentation, production and education in the field of contemporary art and curatorial practices by initiating and supporting theoretical research practices and projects that arise from the complex socio-political, economic and cultural context.

The organization is dedicated to undertaking a critical examination and evaluation of the questions raised by contemporary artists, curators, architects, and theorists in relation to the contemporary socio-political framework in which their practices emerge. In this sense, press to exit project space develops and offers alternative models of education and production that will lead to further education of the individual (cultural workers and the general public) and strengthening its capacity in relation to contemporary engaged, research and critical art and curatorial practices. Its particular focus is put on stimulating international collaborations and networking, as a recognized partner of Macedonia collaborating with recognized international cultural organizations and individuals, which results with numerous exhibitions, conferences, publications, symposia, meetings, etc. press to exit project space program is based on four main activities such as:

Visiting Curatorial Initiative – an invitation-only residency program for emerging curators. It is set up to provide an opportunity for emerging international curators to research and produce new projects in Macedonia, to share their knowledge and gain an understanding of the local and regional cultural context.;

New Project Productions – an invitation-only program supporting independent production by (mainly) Macedonian and regional artists The series is designed to engage emerging artists, curators, designers and cultural theorists in residences and production of new content reflecting on social, cultural and political realities.;

Lectures, Presentation and Exhibition Series – an ongoing and dynamic forum for debate and exchange of ideas while exploring ways of generating, producing and presenting regional and international projects and collaborations; and the

Publishing Program which publishes artistic, curatorial, theoretical and architectural research projects.   As part of this as part of the Visiting Curatorial Initiative (VCI) program, initiated in 2005, in order to stimulate and support researchers and implementation of new curatorial projects from young and emerging international and local curators, press to exit organize the International workshop and symposium “Curating Exchange”.

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